1. In Figma/Figjam, go to Resources → Plugins, search for 'Design Buddy', and start the plugin.

Start the plugin

2. You will be asked to enter an API key. Obtain your API key at designbuddy.net/#plans. Select a plan that suits your requrements. After purchasing an API key, enter it in the plugin.

Enter API key

3. Design Buddy will prompt you to select a design for review. Select a specific component or area of a design you want to review and click the 'Review this design' button. At this stage, you can also preview the number of reviews left on your account.

Start the review

4. After requesting a review, wait a few seconds for Design Buddy to process your design. You can cancel a request anytime. Note that canceling will still count as one review usage.

Review in progress

5. The design review* is presented in five categories: Overall, Layout, Colors, Typography, and Accessibility. Each category displays a score and a detailed review. Click on each category tab to read its review. You can save the review of each category as a sticky note by clicking the 'Save' button. Select anything outside the plugin to close the current review.

* Reviews are cached, so if you select the same design again (without making changes), you will see the same review.
* Reviews are conversational, meaning if you make changes to the design, Design Buddy remembers the previous review and checks whether the design has improved.

Design revies and sticky notes

6. You can manage your API key and view information about your current monthly quota by clicking the number of reviews label and opening the 'Settings' screen. The monthly quota is calculated using a 30-day rolling cycle, reflecting your usage over the last 30 days and updating daily.

Manage API key

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